Your Ultimate Relationship Intro
Learn how to create your best relationship ever, even if you've been through hell and have no idea where to start!
By Adi & Sophie Jaffe

Your Ultimate 
Relationship Intro Workshop

By Adi & Sophie Jaffe
Learn how to create your best relationship ever, 
even if you've been through hell and you
have no idea where to start!
Movement + Mindfulness
Inspiration + Education
Creating powerful, long-lasting and intimate relationships is one of life's ultimate challenges. You've tried many times already or have resisted the urge because of past hurts, but in either case, the ultimate prize still eludes you. You are left wanting, whether in a relationship with another or alone... It's frustrating, stressful and maddening.

Every one of us has been in relationships that have damaged us or left us hurting. For some of us, this burden has been carried since we were children, while for others the trauma is more recent. Cheating, abuse of endless sorts, and trust broken more times than we can count. It all adds up to a difficult starting point for any real and connected relationships to sprout. Sometimes, we're afraid that it may never be possible... if it hasn't worked yet...

But by the end of this workshop, you are going to learn the tools required to move your relationship and communication skills from their starting point to an elevated perch far beyond your dreams. It isn't as complicated as you think, and this intro course will give you an incredible starting point.

We will begin by strengthening and purifying the communication patterns that have been holding so many of us back, putting in their place healthier and more fulfilling ways of connecting. We will follow that up with discussions about elevating the newly found communication tools to build REAL intimacy - connected, trusting and unafraid. The way you've always wanted it. Lastly, we will touch on the work that needs to be done to unravel, explore and address the trauma that is hiding inside so many of us (60%-80% of us have experienced it!). In the end, with Sophie and Adi's guidance, you will feel rejuvenated, excited and hopeful - because you'll have an alternate path for relationships in your life!

Clear away old communication patterns

Many of us have been handed unhealthy communication patterns from early family interactions or past relationships. Here, you will learn how to let those go and create new ones.
By taking this journey you will:

Develop REAL intimacy

Feeling unheard, misunderstood and betrayed has left many of us untrusting and unsure how to proceed. We will help you clarify the goal of real intimacy and make sure you're ready to approach your connection in the healthiest way.

Grow your capacity for love

You've heard it said before - everything worth while takes work. By doing this work you will find yourself (and your partner if you have one) more receptive to, and more capable of delivering, TRUE love. Isn't that the point anyway?
What People Are Saying
Thank you both for taking the time to create this workshop. You guys are
Please do more of these webinars. You both gave me a lot to think about and I'm excited to have done this before diving into another relationship. Seeing you both be open and transparent with each other is so inspiring. 
WOW!!! This workshop accomplished more in three hours than almost a year of couples therapy! I didn't even realize that my husband and I were communicating in ways that made intimacy impossible to build... Thank you for making things so approachable and easy to grasp. I feel better about my relationship after this workshop than I have in years!
David and Karri
OK. we've been listening to the IGNTD podcast for a while now, and loved the honest conversations [Adi and Sophie] have on there. But I always thought that they connected that way naturally... Now I see the tools and work that it takes to get there. My wife and I are SO excited to put these tool into use in our life! Thank you two for everything you do!
In the workshop, You will discover:
Portability & Flexibility
Therapy can be great, but it's inflexible, expensive and shows up once per week (twice if you REALLY have money and time). You'll be able to engage in this workshop WHENEVER you have the time to focus on it! You can't but that, but it's a free perk here!
Intimate Videos
Adi and Sophie are speaking directly to you throughout. They share personal experiences, present tools and show examples of techniques RIGHT THERE, so you can see how it all works!
Custom Exercises
Adi and Sophie have collected some of their favorite exercises, which they share with you and discuss in order to let you apply them in your own life. After years of their own couples work AND dozens of workshops, they KNOW what works to break through the walls quickly!
Resources & Links
From their favorite books, to online resources and talks, you'll get the resources right there, so you don't have to go searching around for them and can focus on the work!
A little bit of magic
OK, let's be honest, Adi and Sophie have a little magic that seems to make everything go so easily for them... In this workshop, you'll get the intimate, behind-the-scenes, look at how they make it happen! Spoiler - it's by using EXACTLY the tools and techniques they teach here!
About Your Teachers: Sophie & Adi Jaffe
Adi and Sophie have been together for 14 years, and during that time, they have had some of the most incredible highs and frightening lows that any couple could have. But, like a Phoenix, their relationship has emerged from the fire stronger than ever. They are now on a mission to teach others, affected by abuse, trauma, cheating and mistrust how to love and build their ultimate relationship!
How Does It Work?
Starting immediately, you will gain access to the private members area. 
There, you can view the videos, access the resources, and complete the exercises. 
You get lifetime access, so there is NO need to feel rushed or hurried. 
This is here for you to get the maximum benefit. 
And you can revisit any lesson you'd like later to refine the learning and re-examine the material. 
It's like custom help delivered whenever you need it!
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